Business models, digital engagement and dreams.

Some visions of the future start out as fantasies, crazy dreams of new ways of doing things. How do you create maximum perceived value in the most scalable and repeatable way? There’s new platforms popping up left and right, new engagement models and new ways to connect to new audiences. We create brands to test it all out – so you don’t have to.


We Build Brands like others use Twitter. 

Brand niches

What niche is saturated, and how do you break through per niche? What engages your audience?  Automate so that the focus can stay on the customer?

CRM Tools

What should be the center of operation? Hubspot? Salesforce? Something new, better? And how does it connect to the rest of your business?

Lead Generation

How do you provide scalable value to your audience? How do they find you over and over again? And is there a simple way to get started? 

Business models

What works and what doesn’t work 2023, 2024, 2025? Is there any universal models that you can base your business on, digital first?


Insights without all the work

What would happen if you started a startup just to find out what is current, how to connect to audiences and find out what would empower them? And the ground premise would be “digital first, small core, infinite scalability”? That is what we are doing here. And you can access all of our findings.


Everything we want to try – we do

From Lifestyle to Micro-SaaS, from Content to Automation. If it stands a chance to change how we do things, we will try it out live. This is prototyping reality. And we are here to share.
A sample of our brands:


WithThe.Link The ability to move information is a democratic right. Still, there are situations when that is complicated. WithThe.Link aims to solve this in the simplest way possible. is a topical site about AI, one of the most influential technological shifts since the Gutenberg press. The third circle of modern-day life is financial health. On we aim to provide easy-to-access ways to start the journey to financial freedom. This is a low-priority experiment (given resources shifts it might be reprioritized) On StreamSpirit we take on the second most important circle of life, mental health. Fitness Furnace is where we tackle the most fundamental circle - physical health. Without it, there is no life.


Enough+ Our main mission site - is where we aim to promote a better way of living. Reduce the complexity of life into three circles, mental, physical, and financial health.


Everything You Need With One Subscription

We are setting up shop but the all inclusive subscription will provide you with effortless insight into modern organizations way of working.

For the busy

For organizations with cash to spend but no time to experiment

Small organizations can do this relatively easily, but the larger the organization, the harder it is to experiment. We are here to help.

Join the future

This will be of great value – just setting up shop.